Eisuke Akamine

Eisuke Akamine,  Second President
(1 May 1925 – 14 Jan 1999)

Our Dai Sensei was the son of Tokusuke Akamine and Kamadu Akamine. Born in Kakazu, a small village in the Tomigusuku district on the 1st of May 1925. The opportunity to practice martial arts came only at the age of 23 as Dai Sensei’s father died when he was about 12 and he helped his mother run the family farm.

Dai Sensei Eisuke Akamine was an Okinawan Martial Arts Master, who lived for his art. His Dojo in Tomigusuku was lovingly called a Teacher’s Dojo. He learned his art directly from some of the most prominent pioneers of Kobujutsu, (Kobudo) meaning a traditional weapons martial art.

He was student to Sanru Chinen and learned Bo-jutsu from Seichiro Higa, Raisuke Higa, Yohei Akamine and Jinsaburo Higa.

Akamine Dai Sensei was certified as a Kobudo Shihan at the age of 40 by Shinken Taira, the founder of the Association for the Promotion and Preservation of Ryukyu Kobudo (Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai). At 43, was he inaugurated as the 2nd President of RKHSK, inheriting the leadership from the founder. Thereafter, he was awarded the title Hanshi (10th Dan) and assumed the position of director of the Okinawan Karate Union.

He contributed to the popularisation of Kobudo. He’s teachings laid the solid foundation for the international expansion and popularity that the association present enjoying. He left a background for this generation to build and expand on. A great Budo-ka he was, his teaching will live on in the future generations.

1949~. Dai Sensei learned Bo-jutsu from Seichiro Higa (1890-1991), Raisuke Higa (1904-1989), Yohei Akamine (1906-1987), Jinsaburo Higa (1900-1981). All were pupils of Saburo Chinen (1840-1922) (1797-1881) who was famous for Bo-jutsu.

1955~1970. Learned Bo-jutsu, Sai, Nunchaku and other Traditional Martial Arts from Shinken Taira (12 June 1897, Maja Nakazato Village, Kumejima – 3 September 1970 ), first president of Ryukyu Kobudo Hozon Shinko Kai.

1965.  He received his Shihan certification by Shinken Taira.

1968.  He received the title of Renshi (6th Dan) from Zen Okinawa Karate do Renmei (All Okinawan Karate do Union).

1970.  He was inaugurated as the 2nd president, after Shinken Taira passing.

1970.  He officiated and gave a special Kata demonstration at the 1st International Karate Championship.

1972.  He officiated and gave a special demonstration of Kobudo Kata for the memorial of Reversion of Okinawa to Japan.

1975.  Zen Okinawa Karate awarded him the title of Kobudo-Kyoshi do Renmei (All Okinawan Karate do Union). He was the first person to be awarded this title.

1975.  He officiated at the 11th Ryukyu-Kobudo Festival promoted by Ryukyu Shimpo Newspaper. He took part in the youth Meeting in Okinawa Marine Festival and demonstrated Kobudo Kata.

1976.  He was awarded the rank of Kobudo-Kyoshi (8th Dan) by Okinawa Karate-Kobudo Renmei ( Okinawan Karate-Kobudo Union) and also from Zen Okinawa Karate-Kobudo Renmei (All Okinawan Karate do Union).

1976.  He demonstrated (Enbu) Kobudo Kata at the 4th International Karate Championship meeting.

1985.  He was awarded the rank of Kobudo-Hanshi by Okinawa Karate-Kobudo Renmei( Okinawan Karate-Kobudo Union).

1993.  He was inaugurated as counsellor when Tomigusuku Village Martial Arts Society was established.

1995.  He was awarded the Kobudo-Hanshi with the title of 10th Dan by Okinawa Karate-Kobudo Renmei (Okinawan Karate-Kobudo Union).
Okinawa Karate-Kobudo Renmei (Okinawan Karate-Kobudo Union) also awarded Akamine Dai Sensei, Karate-Hanshi with the 10th Dan title.

1996 Nov. Okinawa Culture association recognized him. He was the first successful candidate recommended by Tomigusuku Village Cultural association.

1997 Aug. He received a tribute at the 1st International Karate Championship.

1998 May. He received a tribute from the Ryukyu Shimpo Newspaper.

1999 Jan 14th. Dai Sensei Eisuke Akamine passed away peacefully at the age of 74. All will remember him as a gentleman martial artist, loving father and husband.