Kanwa Mabuni
(14 November 1889 – 23 May 1952)
The founder of Modern Karate style.

Researched by Shu Nakamae

The founder of one of the 4 great styles of modern Karate, Shito-ryu. (The 4 styles being, Shotokan, Gojyu-ryu, Wado-ryu, and Shito-ryu.)

Mabuni started Karate at the age of about 13, first learning Shuri-tei from Itosu and later at about 20 learning Naha-tei from Higanuma (or Higaonna) Kanryo.

Mabuni was admitted mastery over his styles by both teachers by 1915 and in 1929 he moved to Osaka where he began his own dojos and taught at the police academy.

In 1934, he took the first characters from each of his teachers, “string” and “east” to name his new style “Shito-ryu”.

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